I’m Half The Man I Used To Be


On Sunday morning, I woke up and weighed myself like I do every day. The scale read exactly 240.0 pounds. I used to weigh 480, which means I have finally hit that perfect moment where I have lost the same amount that I now weigh, and am half of the man I used to be.

Not gonna lie, I definitely squealed with joy when I saw it, because I have been waiting for it for a couple weeks, knowing that I was inching ever closer. Back in December, I set a goal for myself to weigh 240 pounds by the time we were ready to move home, and here we are, less than a week away from moving and I have hit that goal.

I did the math, ate everything that I wanted, stuck to my normal calorie count and everything worked out perfectly according to plan. I am so excited that I was able to plan for this so many months in advance and actually maintain the consistent progress and hit my goal.

I used the 1 Percent Edge Calculator to choose a weight loss goal, set a calorie target and a calorie deficit that was sustainable, and it tells you what weight you should end up at by a certain date. I have used this calculator many times through this process, occasionally rechecking as the weight loss has continued, and it continues to be accurate. I’m sure I could write an entire post on this calculator at some point.

The goal has always been 225, but being only 15 pounds away from that seems insane to me right now. I can’t believe that I am so close to hitting the goal weight I have always wanted to be at, and now as I realize that I am hitting more and more goals, I think I am ready to lower my goal and aim for 200. I have no specific desired date for this to happen, because in general I am pretty happy right now with this progress, but I know that I would always like to maintain some kind of goal for myself.

Frankly, I don’t even care if I hit that goal, but I think it will be good for me to always have a number in mind to stay close to for the rest of my life, and now that I know my original goal is within grasp, I am excited to lower it and keep going.

As I reflect on everything that I have been through, I am shocked at how much has changed in my life. Some days, I look at myself and can’t believe how I got to this point, and how easy it was once I truly understood how my body worked and I broke through all the mental hurdles that I had been putting up for myself all those years ago.

I used to weigh double what I weigh right now, and this is absolutely insane to me. I cannot emphasize it enough. I dreamed of this day for a very long time, and never thought it would ever be possible. I think I am honestly still in a state of shock, even though I have known for months that this would indeed eventually happen.

As shocked as I am, I still have more work to do, and I hope there’s plenty more feelings like this to come in my weight loss journey.

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