Being fat is smokin’ hot

Back when I weighed around 500 pounds, I used to be incredibly hot.
I mean, absolutely smoking hot.

Temperature wise, of course.

I used to be perfectly happy to have my window open in the middle of a cold winter night because I was so hot, and at work I was able to walk into our large freezer and spend a long time inside wearing just a T-shirt.

Recently I have been thinking about this and realizing how much different things are now. I routinely wear 3 layers every single day while working in the kitchen. I have an undershirt, shirt, and chef’s jacket. Occasionally I will even be wearing a 4th layer as well, and I rarely even notice.

I don’t think about the heat at all. I’m working in a commercial kitchen, wearing 3-4 layers and surrounded by heat and steam, working away and I feel like I’m at a comfortable temperature. Some days might be a little warm, but it’s not uncomfortable at all, and I suppose if it was, I could just take off one of my layers.

It’s so different to what I used to know. When I was able to hit the freezer in just my T-shirt, I now wear all these layers and then throw on a winter coat before I head in. I never dreamed of wearing a winter coat for my previous freezer visits, because all I wanted to do was cool down.

It’s amazing how a big layer of fat increases your body temperature. I wish I had a way to compare in numbers what the difference is for those who have never experienced this phenomenon, but for me personally, it’s quite fascinating to see how I have to adjust my clothing habits to be comfortable.

When I used to go for walks in the cool evening air, I was always extremely hot and sweaty by the time I got back home, and now I am able to happily walk directly in the sun and heat of the afternoon and not get sweaty at all. I love that I feel more and more comfortable doing regular exercise. The more comfortable I feel, the easier it is to work harder and exercise longer.

Most days, I would be sweating profusely at what would normally be a very light intensity activity, and at work I was constantly trying to wipe away sweat from my brow, but now after losing over 250 pounds, I no longer even feel warm, let alone hot.

Well, temperature wise that is.

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