Spinning Tires

I was talking to a friend the other day and he mentioned how he felt that he was spinning his tires. His life wasn’t progressing like he thought it would. Not that he is unhappy, but that he just imagined things differently.

Haven’t we all imagined life differently? Aren’t we all spinning our tires in some way?

I feel like as much as we all progress in our lives, nobody truly has it all together, and nobody has a life in which everything has flowed with perfection. We all stumble, we all fall backwards, and sometimes our tires spin in place and we are just stuck.

I resonate with him, and tried to encourage him by making sure he knew that I felt the same way. Not in every aspect of my life, but the feeling definitely exists. He pointed out wonderful things about my life, and while they are all true, it doesn’t mean I don’t feel stuck somehow.

It made me think of another analogy:

Image result for gym i wish i were him comic

When we go to the gym, we all look at someone else and think about how they must have their life put together. They must feel better about themselves, and everything must be perfect for them. It never is. I guarantee everyone is spinning their tires about something in their life. It doesn’t even have to be intentional; it may be out of their control entirely.

My point at the end of all this is to be encouraged that you are never alone, and try not to focus on the lives of others. We all have something laying beneath the surface that makes us feel like a failure or makes us feel stuck.

Feeling stuck doesn’t mean that you are.

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