Existential Song Reviews – “Drive”

Song: “Drive”
Artist: Ben Rector

Near or far, short or long; I love road trips.
My wife and I have moved across the country 4 times, and I drove each time.
For almost 3 years, I have had a 75km commute to work.

I love driving.

As I made my way to work this week, this song came on. I was cruising on the highway, it was a beautiful sunny morning, and I started to sing along when I was suddenly hit by the power of the lyrics upon my soul.

Three-point-two from the driveway of my house

To your apartment where I am waiting now

Come on, don’t think, night’s young

Let’s go

I’ve always loved driving, because I feel like it enables my soul to feel free. I can’t stand feeling trapped, which is one of the reasons I love living as close as I can to a highway. My entire life, I have always known the fastest way to get out of town; the quickest route to the highway. I need to feel like I can get out and escape my problems, my stress, my boredom, my fear. If I could, I would have a highway on-ramp as my driveway.

NYC, Portland, Austin, Anaheim
Maybe not Anaheim, keep an open mind
I’m just sayin’, baby
Let’s goI don’t care

I don’t want to think about those negative things, I just want to break free and go somewhere. I literally never care where I go, I just know that it can’t be wherever I already am. My soul needs spontaneity and the freedom to change directions at any moment. A few weeks ago on impulse I decided to exit the highway and explore a new area I had never been. I ended up seeing beautiful sights and took a small hike in the most perfect park. I would never have discovered these things if I have just stayed on the path in front of me.

Like a river connects to the ocean
This pavement touches wherever we go and
White lines flyin’ by, who knows what we’ll find
You and me tonight
Let’s drive

I have lived in 9 different cities/villages/communities across the country. I’ve driven to all of them, which means that the pavement I drive on now touches the pavement of the homes where I experienced abuse as a child in another province. Like a neural network in our brain, like the internet that spans the globe, I can touch the pavement outside my home and be connected to all those places that I have been, and experience the memories all over again.

Growin’ up doesn’t mean gettin’ older

Life moves on, perspectives shift, and opinions change. It has very little to do with the actual age of the person, but rather the knowledge they accumulate within those years. For me, it makes me realize that no matter how far I run, I can never truly get away from those memories.

And yet I keep trying.

Let’s drive.

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