My Top 3 Most Watched Movies of All-Time

I talk a lot. When at home, I often talk so much that Andrea just keeps reading her book and I basically end up excitedly talking to myself. I’m not upset about this; I know I am a bit much sometimes.

This happened today as I suddenly started talking about which movies I have watched over and over again throughout my life. I can easily pick out the three movies that I have seen more than any other, and I would love to share them with you, and share some stories to go along with them!

Jurassic Park

I absolutely love this movie. For most of my life I would always say that it’s my #1 favourite movie. I’m not sure I would say that now, just because I love too many things all at once, but it still ranks pretty high and always comes to mind. Now of course, I am talking about the original 1993 movie. I think it’s a cinematic masterpiece.

I honestly have no idea when I actually saw the movie for the first time considering I was 3 years old when it was released. However I know that by the time The Lost World came out in ’97, I was a super fan either way because dinosaurs.

So in 1997, I was in my elementary school with some friends when another kid told me that there was a contest to go to the REAL LIFE JURASSIC PARK! All you had to do was collect popsicle sticks! I was thrilled and I jumped in head first.

I remember excitedly telling my mom, and she tried to tell me that Jurassic Park was not real, to which I immediately realized she clearly knew nothing. I heard it from a trusted source at school that dinosaurs had actually been brought back to life and that if I collected enough popsicle sticks, I could go see them!!!!

I faithfully collected as many Jurassic Park branded popsicle sticks as I could. I kept them all on top of the microwave and I counted them every day. I begged mom to buy more popsicles. I searched for discarded sticks in the park and on the street where the ice cream truck visited. I was obsessed.

I have no idea when I learned that it was all a Universal Studios marketing ploy, but I never let it get me down. To this day, I think I prefer to believe they’re out there somewhere, and the dinosaurs are just waiting for me to come visit.

Home Alone 3

Alas, I am in the VAST minority when it comes to my favourite Home Alone film. I know every Christmas I am doomed to listen to everyone rave on and on about Macauley Caulkin and whether Home Alone 1 or 2 is the best.

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY chooses #3. In fact, they usually forget it exists! Look, I get it. Home Alone 3 is not the same by any means, but I am here to say that it has at least one fan, and I have watched this movie hundreds of times. Although of course it is set at Christmas, I watched this movie all throughout the year. There’s never a bad time to watch it.

The kid gets given a remote control car with a smuggled military missile-cloaking microchip hidden inside that was misplaced by spies. I mean come on, how cool is that??

In the original, he just got forgotten. Pathetic! (Don’t hate me, I actually do enjoy 1 & 2 as well)

The poor kid fights his way through the chicken pox to save the world. When this movie came out in 1997, I was sold. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. The traps were perfect, hilarious, and exciting. I can quote so much of this movie, and I know absolutely every scene. Alex Pruitt was my childhood hero, and inspired much mischievousness.

To the nay-sayers, I say this: Go watch Home Alone 4 & 5 and then come talk to me. Suddenly 3 won’t seem so bad.

Men In Black

Will Smith has always been one of my favourite actors across my entire movie watching life, but this movie has a special place in my heart.

There was a time in my life when I lived in a small 14 foot holiday trailer. At this point, most of our life was packed up, and I had very little by way of electronic entertainment. We had a VCR and a 3.5″ portable TV. For awhile we had exactly 1 VHS tape. Men in Black.

During this time in my life, I was heavily entering depression, having been abused for years, and Men in Black became my only escape. It was a world of futuristic fantasy that took my mind away from everything around me. I watched Men in Black on that one VHS tape, on a 3.5 inch screen, hundreds and hundreds of times. I would watch it 3-4 times in a day, sometimes back to back.

I got to the point where I could mouth every word of the script. I never ever got tired of that movie. MiB got me through some tough times, and I will always love it. I doubt I know too much of the script anymore, and I am not sure I can remember the last time I watched it, but I know there’s not a chance in this world that I will ever watch another movie more than this one.

Often, we don’t really set out to watch something over and over and over. I would suspect that most of your lists all have movies from childhood on them. It seems that when we are young, we find something we love and just stick with it. But when we age, we seek out so many new things and often forget to go back to what we once loved.

What are your most watched films of all-time? What are some stories that go along with them?

It fascinates me, and I would love to hear all about it.

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