Recognizing peace in a world of chaos

This morning at work, we had just finished preparing breakfast for summer camp, when I was standing in the dining hall and a few summer staff members started dwindling in. Just a few of them had come in, and one of them took a moment to choose a seat before getting his meal. He pulled out a bluetooth speaker and began to play some soft, slow worship music, and popped the speaker into his pocket.

Hearing this music instantly set my mood for the remainder of the day. You see, this particular staff member is loud, boisterous, and hyper. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s just the type of person that he is. I have come to know him and his personality a little bit over the past few weeks. I would never have picked him for the type of person to listen to such calm, peaceful music. I walked over and told him how much I appreciated him in this moment, for providing such a wonderful way to start the day. Throughout all of the staff breakfast, there was a low murmur of talking amongst everyone, but the music could still be heard.

It made me grateful that these surprises exist. In a world of angst, panic, loudness and distraction, there are these moments that are all around you. The old adage “stop and smell the flowers” is incredibly applicable in all situations. You’ll never see the peace around you if you don’t actively seek it out and recognize it’s presence.

It’s too easy to get wrapped up in all the noise that blankets everybody’s life. I think that the world will be a better place if we notice the special moments of peace and choose to mentally remain there. I’ve been thinking about the impact that this 16/17 year old staff member had on me this morning by doing something so uncharacteristic of himself, and I have mentally remained in that single moment all day long. It’s been a wonderful day of peace and bliss as I recognize that not every day has to be crazy busy and full of panic.

I’m sure there are many people in this world who have hardly anything, be it money, possessions, or food, and yet still have peace. A nation can be at war, completely devastated, and yet I guarantee that you will find those among them who are selfless and at peace, helping and loving those around them. How then can we as first world residents choose to live in such an ignorant state of mind, complaining about every little thing? There are those that complain about which side of the bread their toast is buttered on, and what good does that do?

There’s no point in living so negatively and wallowing in a corruptive mood. It does nothing for your own mental health, let alone those around you.

Think about it.

Go through your day and choose to notice the nice thing that someone has done, or the impact that a simple gesture can make. Even something so simple as holding a door open for someone says something about the state of mind in a person. Notice these small actions, reflect on them, and I am willing to bet that your world will get a whole lot brighter.

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  1. Amy King says:

    Beautifully written story. I think that’s part of the power of music too: it brings people together. But yes, slowing down and enjoying what’s around is vital. Thanks for reminding us. 😀

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