We Are Moving Across The Country In 5 Weeks And We Still Don’t Know Where We’re Going


In August 2016, my world changed drastically. Everything about my life was suddenly completely different than it ever had been before. In the span of 2 weeks, I got married, moved over 5000km to a new province where we had to begin our lives together in a home we had never seen before, I found a new job and my wife started her master’s degree at a new school, we went to a new church, made new friends, and had to learn how to live together while figuring out everything else all at the same time.

Since then, we’ve moved across the country 2 more times, adjusting to life each time.¬†Through all of that, we have grown together quickly and strongly. We definitely had our challenges, but having gone through it all, I know we both feel like we can handle anything that comes our way.

Which leads me to our next few weeks. We are moving back home to BC. The place and province we love more than any other. Our past 18 months or so in Ontario and Alberta have been an incredible learning and growth period in our lives, but we are ready to return home.

In Ontario, we learned how to start over completely anew as adults. Making new friends and finding our place in life. Adjusting to new roles, adapting to new challenges, and becoming stronger people. We relied heavily on each other and we came through just fine. We learned to live together as a married couple, deciding who should do which household chores, how to balance our schedules, and where to go grocery shopping. Pretty boring stuff, but crucial to a happy and well maintained life together. We also learned that contrary to what everyone in the west believes, Ontario is NOT Eastern Canada. There’s a LOT of country left to make it to the Atlantic.

In Alberta, we learned how to survive with basically whatever we could pack into the car for 4 months. We learned how to live and love a new home for a very short time. We explored more than we ever have before, and I learned how to appreciate nature in new ways as I explored a new city completely on foot, which also really assisted my weight loss last year.

As we look forward to our next few weeks, we know almost nothing. We know that we could end up living somewhere around about 15 cities in BC, all relatively close to one another (within roughly 90 minutes). But it makes things very hard to plan. We don’t know where to look, we don’t know where to ship our belongings, and we don’t know where we will end up sleeping each night.

We are really hoping that all this becomes clear within the next month or so, and until then, the stress continues to grow little by little. Thankfully, we have learned to take things as easy as we can and live in the moment (but that doesn’t mean we don’t have the occasional panic attack).

So as we prepare to move across our very large country for a 4th time together, and face a world of unknowns, I’m excited to take this blog with me, to continue my journey back home where I began. I can’t wait to continue growing as a person and learning from life as we move forward together, and I can’t wait to hopefully hit my weight loss goal this year. I don’t know what’s going to happen next in our lives, but I am ready to find out. No matter what, I am going home a very different person than when we left, and that’s exciting!


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